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EWI student information and education platform digitalizes your academic processes end-to-end with its dynamic, scalable, reportable and user-friendly structure.



About EWI

EWI is a student automation, academic information and education platform developed and registered by Altınbaş University.

Unlike classical student automation applications, EWI is a modular software that digitizes university-specific academic processes end-to-end. EWI includes;

  • Student Information System
  • Student Affairs Information System
  • Student Accounting Information System
  • Academic Information System
  • Preparatory School Information System
It can also offer additional applications such as Bologna Information Package, Automatic Personal Web Pages, and can be integrated with other applications used at your university.

The main purpose of EWI is; End-to-end digitalization of university academic processes is to ensure that the processes are monitored and controlled automatically by the system.

Thus, it optimizes the processes within the university and supports institutional sustainability by saving time and labor resources.

EWI can work integrated with state-of-the-art security infrastructure and monitoring systems.
It has an expandable infrastructure when necessary in order to provide the fastest and safest service.

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EWI offers what you need!

EWI has everything you need to follow the processes necessary to meet the regulations.


EWI is set up to strictly comply with your university's guidelines.

Advanced Logging

EWI records all transactions, including API requests.

High Speed

EWI is very fast with advanced software technologies and improved infrastructure.


EWI can be translated into all desired languages, especially English and Turkish.




Theme Support

Advanced DB

User Friendly

Log Supported


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Screen Shots

EWI screen shots

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  • SIS
  • SAIS
  • AIS
  • SFS
Student Information System Main Screen

Student Information System

Main Screen

Academic Information System Main Screen

Academic Information System

Main Screen

Academic Information System

Academic Information System

Advisory Screen

Academic Information System

Academic Information System


Student Affairs Information System

Student Affairs Information System

Main Screen

Student Finance Information System

Student Finance Information System

Create Contract Screen


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. You can run the EWI application on your servers with the features specified by our EWI team. If you do not have a server available, we can help you rent a server suitable for your use.

  • EWI can import student, course and other academic data in specified formats. To obtain this data, you can contact the authorities of the student automation application you are using. If you wish, data transfer service can also be provided by our EWI team. For detailed information, you can contact us

  • Our EWI team can guide you to transfer the data you have. This way you can transfer as much data as possible to the EWI training platform.

  • Yes. EWI stores only the data provided by you in a closed database. This data can only be accessed by users you have authorized.

  • EWI can periodically backup data to a location you specify. If you are using a virtual server architecture, you can also take a virtual backup of the EWI server. Critical transactions made on the platform are also recorded on the master data.

  • Yes. Installation is free after purchasing EWI. Annual maintenance support specified in the contract clauses is also provided free of charge for the year following the purchase.


Contact with us

Please contact us for detailed information and demo installation.


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+90 (212) 604 01 00